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Real estate agency I.V.S
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Real estate agency I.V.S

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Real estate agency I.V.S

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Our origins

The origins of the IVS Real Estate Agency date back to the late 70s, from the ideas and tenacity of an entrepreneur full of initiatives in various industrial and commercial sectors, even if the money at that time was very little.
A man who did not limit himself to the simple idea: he was a firm supporter of a philosophy of life, in which an initiative had to be elaborated, developed and materialized as any good entrepreneur should know how to do.
This is how our Real Estate Agency was born from an idea, as for the other companies of our founder.
And to grow a business, it must be made a solid reality, which with sacrifice, hard work, commitment and determination has consolidated over the years, thanks also to the professionalism and contribution of the staff that has succeeded over time, participating and contributing to the growth of the company.
It is with this passion and teamwork that it has been possible to increase the number of our stores over time.
But all this, without the countless and loyal customers, it would not have been possible to become what we are today.
With pride we allow ourselves to say that with the passing of all this time we have completed thousands of contracts, contributing to the realization of the dreams of many families ... and precisely the realization of these dreams has made us and makes us more proud every day and proud of what we have been, what we do and what we will do!
IVS Real Estate Agency ..... We make your dreams come true!